Definition of bateleur in English:


(also bateleur eagle)


  • A short-tailed African eagle with mainly black plumage and a bare red face.

    Terathopius ecaudatus, family Accipitridae

    • ‘Lacking a long tail, the bateleur rocks side to side in flight, a mechanism for steering.’
    • ‘Keep your eyes open for raptors - especially the distinctive bateleur eagles that are common here.’
    • ‘There are also plenty of birds, including the impressive bateleur eagle and ground hornbills.’
    • ‘Red-beaked hornbills and bateleur eagles are also common.’
    • ‘Some raptors, such as bateleurs, are sensitive to disturbance and will leave the nest, even if they are sitting on eggs or have chicks, if disturbed.’


Mid 19th century: from French, literally ‘acrobat, juggler’ (with reference to the side-to-side tilting motion of the bird in flight).