Definition of batch processing in English:

batch processing


mass noun
  • 1The performing of an industrial process on material in batches of a limited quantity or number.

    • ‘It models liquids and bulk materials, handling batch processing as well as continuous and semi-continuous processes, liquid storage, and transport systems.’
    • ‘But as Kane points out, the global computing industry has developed huge expertise in mass producing silicon chips, so once the basic techniques are finalised, there will be little difficulty in batch processing the devices.’
    • ‘Surviving with three to five times the quantity of part numbers to achieve the same sales volume will drive the need to adopt more flexible manufacturing techniques and tools among batch processing stampers and molders.’
    • ‘This can lead to greater efficiency during batch processing.’
    • ‘Suitable for batch processing, laboratory production, or quality assurance analysis, the precision heads can be mounted on robotic platforms or conveyors.’
    1. 1.1Computing The processing of previously collected jobs in a single batch.
      • ‘By then most companies will have converted their current collection of batch processing and near real-time information systems to super speedy ‘just in time’ processes.’
      • ‘The ratio of time slots reserved for batch processing versus other processes also may be adjusted.’
      • ‘While the huge volumes may seem daunting, localizing the backlog content is straightforward, requiring the appropriate language and engineering resources to do the job through batch processing.’
      • ‘This principle has been with us since the early batch processing systems of the late 1950s.’
      • ‘Backups, recovery, batch processing, and archiving applications are primarily created and accessed sequentially.’


batch processing