Definition of Batavian lettuce in English:

Batavian lettuce


  • another term for "Batavian endive" (see endive)
    • ‘I prefer butterhead and leaf lettuce, so I grow Divina (faithful butterhead), Lollo Rossa, Oakleaf (dependable leaf lettuce, even in warmer weather), PinetreeMix (lots of varieties of leaf lettuce), TomThumb (new butterhead), Olga and Plato II, and Sierra and Nevada (Batavian lettuces).’
    • ‘We have been very pleased with the Nevada Batavian lettuce we tried this year.’
    • ‘I prefer to toss them among sweeter greens like butterhead or crunchy Batavian lettuce, rather than with other bitter greens.’
    • ‘The pedigree of line 87-25-1M has contributions from crisphead, butterhead, leaf and Batavian lettuce types, whereas 87-1090M is of butterhead and primitive L. sativa parentage.’
    • ‘This Batavian lettuce shimmers with red-purple beauty in climates with lots of sunshine and cool evenings.’