Definition of Batak in English:



  • 1A member of a people of the northern part of Sumatra.

    • ‘This practice stopped with Christianization, but in recent decades, prosperous urban Batak have built large stone sarcophagi in their home villages to honor the dead and re-establish a connection otherwise severed by migration.’
    • ‘The 216 million people comprise 365 ethnic and tribal groups, the principle ones being the Acehnese, Bataks, Minangkabaus (on Sumatra); Javanese, Sundanese (Java); Balinese (Bali); Sasaks (Lombok); and Dani.’
    • ‘Simanjuntak said that his fellow Batak consider his works, which he sets at an average of Rp 5 million, too expensive.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court's decision became jurisprudence and was used in similar cases, not only among the Bataks but also other ethnic groups.’
    • ‘Thus today the Batak of Sumatra, the Dayak of Kalimantan, the Toraja and Menadonese of Sulawesi, and the Ambonese of Maluku are Protestant; the peoples of Flores and the Tetun of West Timor are Catholic.’
  • 2mass noun The Indonesian language of the Batak, with about 6 million speakers.

    • ‘My wife, who learned to speak Batak in the village, acquired the manner of shouting and the gestures characteristic of village women.’
    • ‘In their daily lives, and even at home, they don’t speak Batak languages anymore,” Togar said.’
    • ‘If I could speak Batak I would certainly be singing along to all the songs.’


  • Relating to the Batak or their language.

    • ‘People who know his background will jokingly ask whether he is Chinese or Batak.’
    • ‘‘We should first love our culture and show our hospitality to others, as hospitality and politeness are two of the main values in Batak culture,’ he said.’
    • ‘The music blends pop and the traditional music of his Batak heritage in North Sumatra.’
    • ‘One factor that distinguishes this case from the others is the Batak cultural tradition, which binds the people.’
    • ‘If, for instance, you are to attend a traditional Batak wedding ceremony, in Medan, North Sumatra, you will likely be served dog meat at some point in the proceedings.’


The name in Batak.