Definition of bat something around (or about) in English:

bat something around (or about)

phrasal verb

  • Discuss an idea or proposal casually or idly.

    ‘we bat around a wide variety of issues’
    • ‘It's been nice batting ideas around with you.’
    • ‘Junior was sure that Frank wanted to hang around and gloat, but hearing their own names being batted around on the radio program clearly made them uncomfortable.’
    • ‘The idea that movie piracy can be reduced by simultaneous theater and DVD releases has been batted around for a little while now.’
    • ‘I like to bat things around with colleagues and then come to a conclusion’.’
    • ‘‘The words genius and great are batted around so much today they lose their true meaning, but Shoe was such a person,’ Gosden said.’
    • ‘I like batting around ideas, I like playing devil's advocate, I enjoy being tested by someone else playing devil's advocate.’
    • ‘It wasn't too long ago that the idea of common currency was seriously being batted about.’
    • ‘Imagination projects are managed, in part, through weekly meetings - meetings in which ideas are batted around, problems are raised, and progress on deadlines is assessed.’
    • ‘Talk to intelligence professionals about their work, and you will hear them bat around this term: tradecraft.’
    • ‘Some of these issues have been batted about for years with little change.’
    • ‘According to Smith, there have been theories batted around for decades on an airframe shape that can reduce or eliminate a sonic boom, but they have never been tested and proven.’
    • ‘We all know how often charges of lying are batted about over what ends up being an honest disagreement.’
    • ‘We've batted around the same idea since 1990, when we first conceptualised a method to enhance the ability of a frail pensioner to remain in the family home for as long as possible.’
    • ‘For a couple of hours different ideas were batted around to see how strong they were, but none stood up to Jen's standards.’
    • ‘Edwards has a great opening here, but he loses momentum by going back to tax policy, which was (I think) dully batted around on the last question.’
    • ‘We're going to bat around vice-presidential possibilities here for a moment.’
    • ‘‘There are still different scenarios being batted around,’ Greenblatt says.’
    • ‘Now, military planners have batted around the idea of a missile defense system.’
    • ‘We have got a couple of sports talk show hosts joining us to bat around the topic.’
    • ‘We're going to bat around some of the nicknames we've come up with so far.’