Definition of bat mitzvah in English:

bat mitzvah


  • 1A religious initiation ceremony for a Jewish girl aged twelve years and one day, regarded as the age of religious maturity.

    • ‘The Jewish ceremony of bat mitzvah marks the passage of a young girl into adulthood after a period of prescribed religious instruction.’
    • ‘He spent the day in his native Long Island, N.Y., celebrating his daughter's bat mitzvah.’
    • ‘The bar mitzvah (for boys) or bat mitzvah (for girls) is an important coming-of-age ceremony in Judaism.’
    • ‘The recipient must be an American boy or girl celebrating a religious rite: a first communion, confirmation, bar or bat mitzvah.’
    • ‘Bar and bat mitzvahs are typically celebrated with a festive meal, with the family and friends of the bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl on hand to celebrate their entrance into adulthood.’
    • ‘A bat mitzvah, the female equivalent of a bar mitzvah, is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for girls aged 12 and over.’
    • ‘For my bat mitzvah, I am expected to do a mitzvah project.’
    • ‘We also considered going whitewater rafting - an idea that I ended up using for my bat mitzvah a few years later.’
    • ‘Fifteeen or so years after the wedding, the worry (if Jewish or mixed) is bar / bat mitzvah on a budget.’
    • ‘Hanging towards the back was the gorgeous dress I had worn for Sara's bat mitzvah, which reminded me that her birthday was coming up.’
    • ‘In the twentieth century, the bas or bat mitzvah has been introduced for young girls; however, this occurs more frequently in the Reform and Conservative groups than the Orthodox ones.’
    • ‘However, it doesn't mean that motivators can't bring something extra to a celebration that is already focused on the specialness of the occasion, be it a wedding, bar / bat mitzvah, or anything like that.’
    • ‘His comments made me think of Jesselyn's bat mitzvah videotape, which her mother keeps.’
    • ‘Yes, I have written before about the happy times of births, bar / bat mitzvahs and weddings.’
    • ‘Scrubs are popular party favors at bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, Murphy says, and college students tend to use them for theme parties.’
    • ‘I am using the articles as a study guide for my daughter's bat mitzvah in September.’
    • ‘I need to lose at least 5-10 pounds for Jess' bat mitzvah.’
    • ‘For example, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, and other rituals and rites of passage may be included.’
    • ‘Well, as I've stated many times, there's always a bat mitzvah.’
    • ‘I really had every intention of making wonderful memory books to commemorate my daughter's baby years, her first steps, teeth and report cards, her bat mitzvah, her rock band.’
    1. 1.1 A girl undergoing the bat mitzvah ceremony.
      • ‘By the time she became a Bat Mitzvah, she was so used to studying that she looked for another class.’
      • ‘This year, our two oldest children, ages 13 and 12, became bar and bat mitzvah.’
      • ‘The subject came up by the bat mitzvah, herself, so no one could change the subject.’
      • ‘No, the child becomes bar or bat mitzvah, literally one who is of the obligations.’
      • ‘According to Jewish Law, every Jewish girl becomes a bat mitzvah at age 12.’


From Hebrew baṯ miṣwāh ‘daughter of commandment’, suggested by bar mitzvah.


bat mitzvah

/bɑːt ˈmɪtsvə/