Definition of basso profundo in English:

basso profundo


  • A bass singer with an exceptionally low range.

    • ‘I was a trumpet in Army, and the basso profundo in the other two.’
    • ‘That turned the tenor of the day into a somewhat confused basso profundo, capable of little more than a hesitant adagio molto.’
    • ‘And, since my husband won't sing to me, I don't really know that he's a basso profundo, but his voice is rather low.’
    • ‘The towering basso profundo brought a magical tenderness to his opening aria, with cleverly timed political quips and his deep bass lent warmth to the lyrical a capella friendship quartet.’
    • ‘It is hard to believe he was a Basso Profundo from this recording.’


Mid 19th century: Italian, from basso ‘low’ + profondo ‘deep’.


basso profundo

/ˌbasəʊ prəˈfʌndəʊ/