Definition of basmati in English:


(also basmati rice)


mass noun
  • A kind of long-grain Indian rice with a delicate fragrance.

    • ‘Aromatic rices such as basmati from Pakistan, Nepal, and India and sadri from Iran have a distinctive popcorn-like aroma and are highly prized for their quality.’
    • ‘Pasta and boiled new potatoes, or basmati rice in Indian restaurants, are realistic low- and medium-carbohydrate options.’
    • ‘The burrito was made with an organic enzyme tortilla and contained organic basmati rice, spinach, peanut-tomato mousse, white kidney beans, eggs and cheese.’
    • ‘Brown basmati rice and dark red kidney beans combine with fresh fruits and vegetables in this colorful main-dish salad.’
    • ‘Use sweet potato instead of white potato, wholegrain bread instead of bread without lumps, basmati or doongara styles of rice instead of other white & brown rices.’
    • ‘Ensure you have the correct rice for your recipe: pudding rice will not make a good risotto and basmati will not make a good paella.’
    • ‘So I could have thrown out the leftover basmati rice that we had in the fridge, but decided instead to make little rice cakes, mixing the rice with an egg and what vegetables I had on hand, and cooking the patties in the skillet.’
    • ‘White rice makes great rice puddings and basmati rice makes wonderful flavoured rice dishes.’
    • ‘Add exotic flavor to meals without extra effort by using naturally aromatic rices, such as basmati and Texmati.’
    • ‘Pakistan also produces some of the finest rice in the world, basmati, which is the preferred rice for preparing their special rice dishes such as biriani and pilaf.’
    • ‘Eat 3 cups of basmati rice or 4 cups of any other rice weekly.’
    • ‘To go with the exotic fare were brinji rice, vegetable noodles, Mexican rice, steamed basmati rice, curd rice, pappads and pickles.’
    • ‘Recently he announced that he might eat brown rice if I can find brown basmati, a surprise after earlier resistance to the hardy grain.’
    • ‘I add white wine, some onions and fennel, and then serve it whole on a long dish with mayonnaise, slices of lemon and basmati rice.’
    • ‘Enjoy the rice, be it basmati, jasmine or arborio.’
    • ‘Though a little disappointed her rice wasn't basmati rice, she was pleased with the crispy onions and the overall lack of greasiness.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, begin preparing basmati rice, adding raisins and walnuts last, then five minutes of steaming.’
    • ‘While he's at it, he might also want to cut the salt content of the white-bean soup in half and toss out the dull sea scallops with the curried apples, almonds, and basmati rice.’
    • ‘I chose lightly spiced spinach and chickpea potato cake served with basmati rice, mint yoghurt and mango chutney.’
    • ‘To go with that there was steamed brown basmati rice, which is more interesting than steamed white basmati rice.’


From Hindi bāsmatī, literally ‘fragrant’.