Definition of basketwork in English:



mass noun
  • 1Material woven in the style of a basket.

    • ‘The whole basketwork shell was constructed flat, and then gradually jacked into shape over about two weeks in early February.’
    • ‘Here, a path leads through a hay meadow to a children's glade with great womb-like basketwork swings.’
    • ‘Protective coverings were made of leather, wood, shells, or basketwork, later replaced by bronze, iron, and steel.’
    • ‘Every available space is tastefully adorned with artwork: masks, busts, paintings, basketwork, weaponry, shields and much, much more.’
    • ‘Like all aspects of Balinese life, the intricately carved wooden sculptures, bamboo basketwork, silver and gold jewelry, and textiles are linked to religious and traditional beliefs on the island.’
    1. 1.1 The craft of making basketwork.
      • ‘Using traditional methods, skilled craftsmen and craftswomen indulge in Basketwork, which is famous in and around Ecuador.’
      • ‘Traditional crafts included pottery, basketwork, and woodwork.’
      • ‘Rural skills in craft making (pottery, basketwork) are often unique and in varying demand from city dwellers.’
      • ‘Occupational therapy in the form of needlework, woodcarving and basketwork and entertainment including film shows and dancing all played a big role in the men's rehabilitation.’
      • ‘The village of Liopetri is famous for its traditional basketwork.’