Definition of Basket Maker in English:

Basket Maker


  • A member of a culture of the south-western US, forming the early stages of the Anasazi culture, from the 1st century BC until c.AD 700. The name comes from the basketry and other woven fragments found in early cave sites.

    • ‘Some Basket Makers may have moved and may have been the ancestors of other Native American tribes.’
    • ‘The Basket Maker drew the mother lioness out in me.’
    • ‘To archaeologists they are known as the San Francisco Culture or the Basket Makers, and are commonly but mistakenly referred to as the Anasazi (a Navajo word originally meaning ‘the enemy’).’
    • ‘Archaeologists divide the time of their culture into the Basket Maker and Modified Basket Maker periods; in the latter period they turned increasingly to agriculture.’
    • ‘Animals were also caught by the Basket Makers with a variety of ingenious nets and snares.’