Definition of basipetally in English:



  • See basipetal

    • ‘The drag-induced bending moments and stresses (computed on the basis of empirically determined stem dimensions and wind speeds) increased basipetally toward the base of the tree.’
    • ‘When the exposure time was extended to 60 min, a large amount of phosphorus was transported basipetally to the shoot from root sections located 80 mm from the root tip, where the xylem is completely mature.’
    • ‘The number of rings of kernels from the base to the tip of the ear was counted and the apical ear region was defined as the fifth two nodal rings of fertilized florets, counting basipetally from the apex.’
    • ‘The hairs are oriented acropetally, while in the proximal part of the sac they grow basipetally, i.e., oriented toward the lemma-sac interface.’
    • ‘Tree height, branch height, leaf position (numbered basipetally from the youngest, fully expanded leaf), and direction of the nearest canopy gap were noted.’