Definition of basinful in English:



  • See basin

    • ‘Two quart basinfuls were a common allowance - and at least half-a-dozen exceptionally long and narrow lads were pointed out to me as having emptied four basins.’
    • ‘Huge basinfuls of the stuff wrapped in fresh banana leaves, were eaten with some fresh, hot palm oil stew.’
    • ‘Washcloth draped over the neck, basinful of toiletry items in hand, perhaps shod in wooden clogs, many Japanese ritually visit a public bathhouse, at whose entrance hangs a curtain decorated with a design of steam vapor.’
    • ‘Private houses generally contributed a halfpenny a week, and farmers gave a basinful or a nogin of flour.’
    • ‘We often went down on a Sunday to scoop up basinfuls of capelin when they washed ashore.’