Definition of basically in English:



  • 1[often as submodifier] In the most essential respects; fundamentally:

    ‘we started from a basically simple idea’
    • ‘That also means that the approach is basically situational or historical.’
    • ‘We needed that phase of denunciation, but now our analysis is basically complete.’
    • ‘Most complexity in the world is introduced to cover up the fact that life is basically quite simple to sustain.’
    • ‘I've had a few albums bought for me before, but I'm basically illiterate when it comes to popular music.’
    • ‘This is basically very simple, and some of you may noticed that I threatened to say this.’
    • ‘Like so many excellent ideas, the school bus scheme is basically simple.’
    • ‘Most times I manage it but sometimes I'll have to avoid a room or an area because I'm basically too afraid to go in.’
    • ‘When the prisoner is brought down from the truck, he is basically motionless.’
    • ‘Note, most of my quotes are not dead on accurate, but are basically correct.’
    fundamentally, primarily, principally, chiefly, essentially, elementally, firstly, predominantly
    above all, first of all, most of all, first and foremost, in essence, at bottom, at heart
    mostly, for the most part, in the main, mainly, on the whole, by and large, substantially, in substance
    intrinsically, inherently
    au fond
    at the end of the day, when all is said and done, when you get right down to it
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    1. 1.1[sentence adverb] Used to indicate that a statement summarizes the most important aspects, or gives a roughly accurate account, of a more complex situation:
      ‘I basically played the same thing every night’
      • ‘A. It is essential because we are basically living in our cars all the time.’
      • ‘This is growing in complexity, but basically you take your basic state pension and add it to any other income.’
      • ‘That has seen the numbers soar and we've basically no idea how many are in the city.’
      • ‘He's just given quite a long statement but is basically reasserting his innocence.’
      • ‘Her eyes snapped up, basically indicating that she was indeed jealous.’
      • ‘We'll only have ourselves to blame when the thieves empty our accounts and max out our credit cards, basically.’
      • ‘He put some tape around one toe and the next one along, as a kind of splint, but basically it's just a waiting game.’
      • ‘That symbolic statement basically freed him from all the pain he was in.’
      • ‘We had basically no idea where we were going, we were just with my uncle and my aunt and our cousins.’
      • ‘They basically have to undergo a complete lifestyle change which will stick with them for the rest of their lives.’
      • ‘It was basically names, addresses, credit card details, account numbers and so on.’
      • ‘This is not such a bad idea: it's basically how the PC industry and the web succeeded.’
      • ‘To pet your puppy, you basically stroke the bottom screen with your stylus or finger.’
      • ‘This basically triangulates the phone's position within the cell it is currently receiving a signal from.’
      • ‘Look, you sell a whole commerce idea and then basically say it would be better to use your eyes.’
      • ‘There have been numerous improvements to this idea but basically it remains the same.’
      • ‘It basically turned a potato into a mushy mess that was completely inedible.’
      • ‘What they are basically saying is that the state must fund rail because there isn't enough road capacity.’
      • ‘I am not in favour of the monarchy in principle but am basically in favour of the monarchy in practice.’
      • ‘I think we made the best out of this whole situation, the whole weekend, basically.’