Definition of bash something out in English:

bash something out

phrasal verb

  • Produce something rapidly without preparation or attention to detail.

    ‘I didn't just want to bash out songs’
    • ‘I used to bash them out on a manual typewriter, photocopy them and distribute.’
    • ‘No time wasted with string sections or French-horn charts here - once Roberts has the song in his head, he just wants to bash it out.’
    • ‘As far as melodies and lyrics are concerned, I think Andy was happy for me to bash things out and then give an opinion or advice on how things might progress, which was important.’
    • ‘However its a good idea to bash them out yourself, it allows you to experiment quickly and cheaply, testing out different versions of how a scene may look and play on camera.’
    • ‘Then again, it's just as great to be The Rolling Stones and go into a room and bash it out.’