Definition of basement membrane in English:

basement membrane


  • A thin, delicate membrane of protein fibres and mucopolysaccharides separating an epithelium from underlying tissue.

    • ‘Between the basal surface of epithelial cells and the underlying connective tissue is the basement membrane, which varies markedly from place to place and in certain disease states.’
    • ‘The cells of stratum basale constitute a single layer of columnar or cuboidal cells in contact with the basement membrane and connective tissue of the dermis.’
    • ‘When red blood cell casts are observed in the urine, the glomerular basement membrane or the epithelial lining of the renal tubule may be injured.’
    • ‘As a basement membrane separates an epithelium from the underlying lamina propria or supportive tissue, so it also separates the follicle from the theca.’
    • ‘In the normal cervix, TN formed a thin, delicate, continuous band within the basement membrane of the squamous epithelium.’