Definition of baseload in English:



  • The permanent minimum load that a power supply system is required to deliver.

    • ‘So we'd still need more coal plants to provide reliable baseload supply.’
    • ‘He foreshadowed also that within the next five years Origin would invest in substantial baseload generation plant using Otway Basin gas in Victoria and coal seam methane in Queensland.’
    • ‘The Coastal Guardians claim that wind won't displace coal because it isn't a baseload power source, so it won't result in the greenhouse gas emission cuts that the industry claims it will.’
    • ‘Candu reactors offer a safe, reliable sources of baseload electricity and are a proven solution to the problem of climate change.’
    • ‘But that bit's done, and the focus is definitely on a sustainable future where thermal fills a supplementary role for peak loads and dry years, rather than being baseload generation.’
    • ‘At times of critical low inflow, Project Aqua is unlikely to deliver anything, yet it is promoted as an essential contributor to our baseload supply.’
    • ‘We can easily aim for - and achieve - a green mix of hydro, wind and geothermal for baseload, with a small amount of coal or gas for peak load and ‘firming’ - and all at a cheaper cost than nuclear.’
    • ‘Nobody has proven that modern economies can be run without baseload plants, and nuclear is the only one that doesn't cause global warming.’
    • ‘On Earthbeat two weeks ago, we looked at the solar thermal technology developed at the University of Sydney that has the potential to compete with baseload electricity from coal in the future.’
    • ‘So in the long-term, we can achieve a green mix of hydro and wind supplying baseload, with peak ‘firming’ and dry-year generation supplied by geothermal and coal.’
    • ‘But for the foreseeable future, expansion of baseload power generation for most countries comes down to a choice between coal and nuclear energy.’
    • ‘In the short span of a few years Central Australia has flipped from being in the sights of British Nuclear Fuels to becoming a potential generator of baseload electricity for future generations of Australians.’
    • ‘I am talking about the problem of getting sufficient baseload generation up and going, to meet the needs of a growing economy - even if that growth slows down.’
    • ‘For example, at California State University in Northridge, six grid-parallel microturbines with internal gas compressors provide peak shaving baseload power to the university's central plant.’
    • ‘They seem serious, and as you know, it is our baseload plant for the Midwest.’
    • ‘Even so, Tyree says that the overall cost of landfill-gas-generated electricity will be competitive with other baseload options.’
    • ‘Systems can be used to produce electricity to meet a facility's baseload demand, to shave peak demand and to meet electrical needs when a utility feed fails.’
    • ‘Ralph Tyree, a construction engineer project coordinator working in the resource planning department, was given the task of determining if a practical source of renewable baseload power could feasibly be developed.’
    • ‘Phase one of this two-story, 45,000-square-foot facility will feature a combined heat and natural power system that will provide baseload power, as well as steam, high-temperature water and chilled water.’
    • ‘But they are still a niche compared with, for example, baseload power generation for the wider grid.’