Definition of baselessly in English:



  • See baseless

    • ‘Nothing has much grabbed my attention lately, except drunk company clients baselessly complaining about my work, but thankfully taking it in good grace when pointed out that the alcohol was talking.’
    • ‘This prat has to add to it by implying, baselessly, that he might be guilty of some suicide-bombing-related-activity after all.’
    • ‘I don't want people to distort my words, nor baselessly go on attacking handicapped people and have me take the blame for instigating it.’
    • ‘Lehman makes several accusations, such as an argument that Windschuttle doesn't understand the Aborigines ‘attachment to the land through its flora and fauna, and he speculates baselessly about Windschuttle's motivations.’
    • ‘If you have no credible objections, then the decent thing to do is apologize to Finkelstein et al. for baselessly denigrating their work.’