Definition of baseless in English:



  • 1Without foundation in fact.

    ‘baseless allegations’
    • ‘He argued that this was confirmatory of the fact that their allegations against him were baseless and were designed to divert attention from their own misconduct.’
    • ‘However, Milne's claim that he published Freedland's piece as part of ‘a genuine pluralism of opinion’ is in fact baseless.’
    • ‘Gian refused to meet the police summons for questioning, saying that the allegations against him were baseless.’
    • ‘Mr Krishna had said Mr Gowda's 29-page letter to Mr Singh contained ‘wild and baseless allegations’.’
    • ‘Colin Powell says that the kidnapping allegations are ‘absolutely baseless, absurd’.’
    • ‘These questions are baseless and meaningless.’
    • ‘But don't let that stop you from your baseless conjecture, Josh.’
    • ‘Now that Salon has backed away from the e-mail story, Krugman's allegations seem completely baseless.’
    • ‘I hereby clarify that this allegation is baseless and unsubstantiated.’
    • ‘Tony Abbott certainly believes if you repeat it often enough a baseless assertion becomes fact.’
    • ‘Obviously it is not baseless, because the facts are here, in black and white.’
    • ‘Honestly and truthfully, I'd like to underline the point that your claim above is definitely baseless, misleading and untrue.’
    • ‘Well, first of all, I must reject that baseless allegation.’
    • ‘It is often vindictive, lying, erroneous, deceitful, baseless, and devoid of any fact.’
    • ‘Police has contested news report about the recovery of a stolen vehicle from police station Safakadal, terming it baseless and fabricated.’
    • ‘The article is full of baseless facts with no specified source.’
    • ‘Mr Hoggart soon abandons his baseless allegations against innocent dogs, and reports on real questions (ie ones which had occurred to me).’
    • ‘You know, when you take a country to war on particular grounds, and those grounds prove baseless, the ethical thing to do is to resign.’
    • ‘Wilson's baseless speculation did not accurately reflect the movement's activities in Uzbekistan or our program for reform.’
    • ‘I understand this is a lecture, and one aimed at lowly game developers, but the amount of almost baseless belief offered as fact is more than a little annoying.’
    groundless, unfounded, unsubstantiated, unproven, unsupported, uncorroborated, untested, unconfirmed, unverified, unattested, unjustified, unwarranted, foundationless, ill-founded, without basis, without foundation, not backed up by evidence
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  • 2Architecture
    (of a column) not having a base between the shaft and pedestal.

    • ‘It is indeed difficult to believe that the plain, sturdy, baseless column of the latter order could have been developed out of the Mycenaean shaft.’
    • ‘Its parts—the simple, baseless columns, the spreading capitals, and the triglyph-metope frieze above the columns—constitute an aesthetic development in stone that incorporated variants on themes used in earlier wood and brick.’
    • ‘The simplicity of the original Doric baseless column even became the focal point in any discussion on the excellence of Greek art.’