Definition of baseborn in English:



  • 1Of low birth or origin.

    ‘he was a baseborn prince’
    • ‘So we decided to have another look at baseborn George and hence the DNA comparison with a member of the Wiltshire family.’
    • ‘I had thought this fellow at least an esquire; for I had hoped that even the vilest of my ladies would not have dishonored my Court by wantoning with a baseborn servant.’
    • ‘Much to my regret, both the Confucians and the Mohists have neglected to record the exploits of the baseborn knights.’
    • ‘For they honor money; and the noble weds the baseborn, and the base the highborn; wealth has mixed the race.’
    uncouth, vulgar, coarse, rough, unsavoury, boorish, rude, impolite, ill-mannered, unladylike, ungentlemanly, ill-bred, uncivilized, unsophisticated, unrefined, philistine, primitive, savage, brutish, oafish, gross
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    1. 1.1 Illegitimate.
      ‘his baseborn son’
      • ‘In the baptism records at Brighton, Sussex, for September 1767 he was quoted as ‘John Cheesman, baseborn son of Barbara Children’.’
      • ‘Amelia Steven's entry noted she was baseborn as her mother's husband had been transported.’
      • ‘In the 1851 Census, Susan Pearman is living with her parents and one sister, Christiana, and her baseborn daughter Ellen.’
      born out of wedlock, born of unmarried parents
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