Definition of baseboard in English:



North American
  • A narrow wooden board running along the base of an interior wall; skirting.

    • ‘During this time of economic boom in Italy, his new factory grew and prospered in the production of baseboards, trim and cornices for the building industry.’
    • ‘The trim can be used around windows and doors, for baseboards, crown moldings, and chair rails.’
    • ‘I even think that the baseboards in all the halls have not once made me wonder who is spending my residence fees.’
    • ‘For instance, a baseboard wall along one edge of the courtyard makes a fence from the adjacent house.’
    • ‘He designed distinctive frames for the pictures and made sure the baseboards and crown moldings were painted to harmonize with the colored fabrics he used to cover the walls.’
    • ‘Use appropriate enhancements, such as decorative molding, baseboards, and bead board.’
    • ‘Check the baseboard or moldings for signs of mildew.’
    • ‘Sunday while D. labored with a vacuum cleaner in the living room cursing the cat hair on the baseboards, I worked in the study closet, the deepest vault of my former abode.’
    • ‘Her shoulders slumped forward, some invisible burden pressing hard on her, and her eyes were cast down and away, as if inspecting the baseboards for dust.’
    • ‘To remove the shoe molding, use a utility knife to carefully cut through any thick paint layers between the baseboards and the molding.’
    • ‘They like to chew on stuff if left alone - wires, wooden baseboards, whatever - so they need to be trained out of that if you want them to run around the house on their own.’
    • ‘By the time I finish my lunch, including that slice of cake I wasn't going to have, the two waiters under the table laden with the tempting mounds of sweets have finished scouring the baseboards.’
    • ‘The same treatment was used on the baseboards, casings and mouldings throughout the home.’
    • ‘The same is true for smaller baseboards and ceiling moldings, which are nailed into the top and bottom wall plates rather than into the studs.’
    • ‘Measure wall height from floor to ceiling, excluding baseboards and moldings.’
    • ‘No baseboards, door frames, or other woodwork interrupt its plaster walls.’
    • ‘Doors and windows have no trim, and there are no baseboards or moldings to cover the intersections of walls and floors.’
    • ‘When laying down plastic sheeting, it's best to lay painting tape (usually blue in color) against the baseboards around the perimeter of the room.’
    • ‘Unlike most other ants they actually like human homes and will even nest inside homes when it's convenient - usually behind baseboards or under appliances.’
    • ‘Most manufacturers also offer compatible trim pieces, such as thresholds and baseboards, that give a uniform look to the installation and help it blend with other areas of the home.’