Definition of base camp in English:

base camp


  • A camp from which mountaineering expeditions set out or from which a particular activity can be carried out.

    • ‘When she was only half way to her base camp, the six Centurions opened fire and a couple of shots just missed her!’
    • ‘Of course, the base camp we used is not the Base Camp where everybody goes now.’
    • ‘Buses and jeeps ferried the participants from Dehradun to the base camp.’
    • ‘A lot of expeditions built base camps and refuges over the years, so it was perfectly plausible to have something like that survive, in the middle of nowhere.’
    • ‘And last Tuesday, the charity also established a medical base camp in Matara, Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘She decided first to find a hotel and set up a base camp, and perhaps call Lazarus.’
    • ‘The first aircraft carried the personnel and equipment needed to establish the base camp.’
    • ‘Already at the base camp, the first contingent of four officers and four sherpas has started climbing.’
    • ‘Of those vehicles that don't, some number of them are things like tool trucks, communications vans or vehicles that don't leave the base camps.’
    • ‘As a result, Shanghai became a base camp for these people to sell counterfeit jewellery, bad cheques and drugs.’
    • ‘The team established a permanent base camp in the mountain wilderness.’
    • ‘The team will then set up several base camps before beginning the ascents up the mountains in the wildest and least accessible part of Scandinavia.’
    • ‘To travel from the lowlands of Kildare to the base camp on the highest mountain in the world would be seen as a daunting task for most people.’
    • ‘It's hot, dry and barren here, although the base camp itself is a bustling center of activity.’
    • ‘The little Lama skillfully scoots patients to the medical and base camps.’
    • ‘It didn't take long at all to find a ride up the river that would take him to the trail up the mountain to the base camp.’
    • ‘Improved protective designs for field fortifications and base camps have been developed for field forces.’
    • ‘Then Georges and I will set up the first stationary at the base camp while you take the worker's gondola.’
    • ‘Lots of Yak trains on the way, Yaks being the only means of carrying large loads up to the villages and base camps of the various mountains.’
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base camp