Definition of baryta in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • Barium hydroxide.

    Chemical formula: Ba(OH)₂

    • ‘Our real photo baryta inkjet paper is created through a desire to replicate as closely as possible the essence, quality and archival properties of traditional photography within an inkjet product.’
    • ‘Regarding physical properties, their choice includes a wide range of surfaces made on baryta coated and resin coated paper base, their presentation includes all usual units of sale in different sheet and roll sizes.’
    • ‘I was first drawn to the Vandyke process when I became dissatisfied with the lack of variety and character of the baryta base of conventional gelatin-silver photographic papers.’
    • ‘This gas is absorbed by barium hydroxide solution, an alkaline solution known as baryta water.’


Early 19th century: from baryte, on the pattern of words such as soda.