Definition of baryonic in English:



  • See baryon

    • ‘Much of the universe is unknown still, at least to us on Earth, although most of the known baryonic mass is evidently in a simple form.’
    • ‘The baryonic number, which is equivalent to the atomic mass number, has to remain constant for a reaction.’
    • ‘Astronomers can derive the matter density - that is the sum of the baryonic and dark-matter densities - from the absolute strength of the first peak.’
    • ‘According to our current understanding, after the big bang most of the normal or baryonic material in the universe consisted of the lightest two elements, hydrogen and helium, with only trace amounts of lithium and beryllium.’
    • ‘Particle physicists have suggested that other types of particle than baryonic ones might have been produced in the seething cauldron of the early Universe.’