Definition of barwing in English:



  • An Asian bird of the babbler family, with barred feathers on the wings and tail.

    Genus Actinodura, family Timaliidae: several species

    • ‘Many of the latter will be in full flower at this time of year, attracting active flocks of nectar-feeding and insectivorous birds such as sunbirds, flowerpeckers, rosefinches, yuhinas, barwings and tit-babblers.’
    • ‘Here we will look for the mountain hawk and black eagle, khalij pheasants, black-throated parrotbills, barwings, shrike-babblers, yuhinas, shortwings, redstarts etc.’
    • ‘Additional forest species that can be difficult to locate are mid-canopy species such as shrike-babblers, barwings, sibias and two species of Crocias.’
    • ‘Like Darwin's famous Galapagos finches, the barwings and babblers of the Himalayas display adaptive radiation.’
    • ‘From behind these arboreal flowers a tiny Taiwan barwing hops out onto a branch, unaware that a telephoto lens has zoomed in on him full frame.’