Definition of Barthian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Swiss Protestant theologian Karl Barth or his writings.

    ‘the Barthian view of Scripture’
    • ‘He sets forth an expressly Barthian approach to Scripture.’
    • ‘The professor, at one time, stood squarely within the Barthian tradition and its interpretation of Barth's theology.’
    • ‘Could you say something about what elements of the Barthian position particularly attracted you?’
    • ‘In his rejection, he follows the Barthian and post-liberal lines.’
    • ‘I really come out of the Barthian stable.’


  • An admirer or student of Barth or his work.

    ‘Barthians will find the conclusions difficult to embrace’
    • ‘He finds it truly surprising the way Barthians speak about religion.’
    • ‘Barth himself was not interested in followers and was quick to say that if there were Barthians in the world, he did not count himself amongst them.’
    • ‘Barthians, such as myself, will find the conclusions difficult to embrace.’
    • ‘She wants to learn from Barth, while harboring no desire to become a Barthian.’
    • ‘The label Barthian was attached to many.’