Definition of barrier reef in English:

barrier reef


  • A coral reef close and running parallel to the shore but separated from it by a channel of deep water.

    • ‘The coral barrier reef that surrounds it has created one of the largest lagoons in the world.’
    • ‘On 18 August they performed a reconnaissance of Gagil Tomil's northeast coast and found a barrier reef.’
    • ‘Huge waves were breaking on the barrier reef and the narrows at the eastern entrance of the channel were like a boiling cauldron.’
    • ‘The atoll is completely surrounded by the barrier reef, and two dives enable you to explore coral caverns, a coral wall, and huge coral formations, bringing you near some of the most diverse sea life you'll ever see.’
    • ‘It is a 100-hectare tropical garden on the raised coral of the barrier reef surrounding the lagoon.’
    • ‘There were more great dives along the barrier reef.’
    • ‘Beautiful water surrounds Key West where they will find great fishing and the flats and offshore as well as diving and snorkelling on our barrier reef.’
    • ‘Closer contact reveals that sport divers who come to these clear, southern waters protected by a barrier reef, fearlessly feed the large group of stingrays which gather in this region.’
    • ‘The barrier reef and its animal and plant life are threatened by water pollution, the removal of coral, and spearfishing.’
    • ‘Later, in Belize, we were leading a group of tourist divers along the outer barrier reef at a dive site called Abyss, close to South Water Caye.’
    • ‘Currents outside the barrier reef and through the Pemba Channel can be very strong.’
    • ‘And the Bahamas in this same area boast the third-largest barrier reef in the world, second of course to Australia with the Great Barrier Reef and then Belize with Gladden Spit.’
    • ‘Belize is also the location of the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, and the second largest on Earth, a World Heritage Site dotted with cayes and shallows along its 175-mile length.’
    • ‘For example in Belize, a US $3.75 departure tax goes directly to the Protected Area Conservation Trust, a Belizean fund dedicated to the conservation of the barrier reef and rainforest.’
    • ‘Reefs are generally divided into three categories; the barrier reef, the atoll, and the fringing reef.’
    • ‘In their minds, Queensland is all about sun and surf; they fail to realise that the barrier reef stops any waves crashing into shore past Noosa Heads, which is 2000 kilometres south.’
    • ‘And if you've got cone shells you've got what a number of species you're looking at - how many other creatures from the barrier reef so far that you've examined?’
    • ‘In a single day you can go from tropical forest to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.’
    • ‘Novice snorkelers can walk off one of the beaches of the many islets into clear, shallow waters and the most experienced diver will be thrilled by the outside of the barrier reef.’
    • ‘The use of fine-mesh dragnets by fishing crews, despite a ban by the Mauritian government, has caused huge damage to the barrier reef, and the banks of living coral that protect the entire coastline are dying.’
    shoal, bar, sandbar, sandbank, spit
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barrier reef