Definition of barrelhead in English:



  • The flat top of a barrel.

    • ‘The staves are heat-curved and the barrelheads are assembled with dowels and rings.’
    • ‘Separate sections of barrelhead with chisel, inserts strips of flagging between sections, and hammer them together to enlarge barrelhead to fit croze of barrel.’
    • ‘These board games have survived, scratched into barrelheads as well as in pictures.’
    • ‘The trickiest step is cutting grooves inside the lips to fit the barrelheads tightly.’
    • ‘Because most people living there still called the whole region ‘Old Bourbon,’ any whiskey shipped from Limestone was invariably advertised and identified on barrelheads as ‘Old Bourbon Whiskey,’ no matter where it was actually made.’
    • ‘Joe sighed and un-strapped the gun, and turned out his pockets onto a barrelhead.’
    • ‘Others cut the grooves for barrelheads.’
    • ‘His family business and its subsidiary, Keystone Cooperage, make oak wine-barrel stock - the staves and barrelheads - as well as finished barrels.’
    • ‘I began composing an introduction praising the spiritual enlightenment exhibited in choosing to congregate in taverns, like 1849 San Jose legislators stepping in from muddy streets to drink whisky on barrelheads, before plotting out the future of nascent California.’
    • ‘In 1874 he settled in Wilson, Wis., and for five years engaged in the manufacture of staves and barrelheads.’
    • ‘Even the treatment of the barrelheads make a difference in flavor and aroma profile.’
    • ‘Toasting may be light, medium or heavy, certain winemakers ask for the barrelheads only to be charred.’
    • ‘Made from recycled barrelheads, each Lazy Susan retains the barrel maker's and/or winery's brand on top.’