Definition of barrelfish in English:



  • A fish which lives in the deep waters of the Atlantic when adult, and on the surface, typically among flotsam, when young.

    Schedophilus medusophagus and Hyperoglyphe perciforma, family Centrolophidae

    • ‘The caudal fin of the barrelfish is only slightly emarginate instead of deeply forked and its caudal peduncle moderately stout and without keels instead of very slender.’
    • ‘‘What I thought was cool was when a barrelfish came barreling into the sub,’ says Sutton.’
    • ‘Yet a submersible visit to the bottom revealed three-foot long wreckfish, large barrelfish and bizarre forms of corals and sponges bending into the current to scoop up the sparse plankton drifting in the Gulf Stream.’
    • ‘We hope our observations during this cruise will help us understand the life history of the barrelfish.’