Definition of barrel vault in English:

barrel vault


  • A vault forming a half cylinder.

    • ‘In the Doric frieze above, six of the roundels decorating the metopes display figural reliefs that are very hard to decipher in the gloom into which the door is plunged by the barrel vault above.’
    • ‘This corridor, leading left-right, was a barrel vault, tiled in dark blue with the wooden floor stained a dried-blood purple.’
    • ‘Most dramatic is reinstallation of the stained-glass barrel vault and restoration of the original interior color scheme.’
    • ‘The top edge of the fascia that runs along the barrel vault is quite bright.’
    • ‘The ceiling of the Sistine chapel is a shallow barrel vault, approximately 35 m by 14 m, with the windows cutting into the vault so as to produce a series of alternating lunettes and spandrels.’
    • ‘A barrel vault was constructed and the altar was moved towards the entrance door, and the whole interior was whitewashed, which was then lost when the chapel was used as a military store.’
    • ‘So the roof is a kind of mutated barrel vault; its northern (sun-facing) section steps down to form a series of slot-like rooflights.’
    • ‘One of their first constructions features sky-lit barrel vaults, inspired by the forms and lightness of Louis Kahn's Kimball Art Museum and Albert Kahn's American factory buildings.’
    • ‘The entrance in the north facade of the barrel vault is over an open, hard paved, elliptical piazza.’
    • ‘Act 1, on the west side of the barrel vault, contains five scenes, beginning at the top with the Entry into Jerusalem and ending with the Death of Judas.’
    • ‘The skies may be grey and muted outside, but the high-ceilinged rooms are full of light, streaming through the barrel vault roof and the large windows.’
    • ‘And if you're observant, you'll notice that the barrel vault continues into the bathroom, where it frames the round window that you saw on the front of the house.’
    • ‘The crescent-shaped translucent roof, sheltering kiosks and travellers, is likely to be as distinctive and unique to Hamburg as the glazed barrel vaults of the city's nineteenth-century railway station.’
    • ‘Inside is a nave surmounted by a generous barrel vault supported by large but simple columns and flanked by side aisles; a transept separates the nave from a central apse behind the altar.’
    • ‘Externally, the barrel vault is covered in patinated zinc, emerging from the ground with a glazed facade to the south while, within, the precast vaulted roof is expressed.’
    • ‘In the central court, four pairs of grand Corinthian columns will carry the existing barrel vault roof light, and a sweeping staircase will lead to the first floor.’
    • ‘Indeed, this performance involved its own share of the cultist performative activities - the aforementioned wiener balloon being only one of many soaring through the concert hall's barrel vault.’
    • ‘Mitchell senior went on a vast spending spree in the house, adding elaborate plaster ceilings including a barrel vault in the dining room.’
    • ‘The bridge's walkway is curved, so that when it swings up to make a navigable passage and the arch above it swings down level with it, the pair of them form a barrel vault.’
    • ‘Although the interior of the present Cappella del Papa may appear larger, thanks to the high barrel vault, the room measures only 4.10 by 7.10 metres.’