Definition of barrel roll in English:

barrel roll


  • An aerobatic manoeuvre in which an aircraft follows a single turn of a spiral while rolling once about its longitudinal axis.

    • ‘‘Blue Leader in,’ Matt glanced across to see Michael's Hurricane peeling sharply into a barrel roll towards the German fighters below them.’
    • ‘Ander leaned into a barrel roll himself - the pilot ahead of him was the only other person he knew that could pull it off.’
    • ‘Saying this, James loosed a volley from all of his guns while performing a slow barrel roll.’
    • ‘The lead pilot began a barrel roll at approximately 10,000 feet and lost sight of us off his right side.’
    • ‘A passing bird shot straight up into the air faster than it could have dived down at us, doing a miniature barrel roll.’
    • ‘Maverick and Alatza tried to break by executing an abrupt barrel roll in opposite directions but the enemy fighters stayed on their tail.’
    • ‘I did a barrel roll, dropping a step and closing the throttle.’
    • ‘They found out exactly why when the maneuver caused the DarkHorse to do a full barrel roll, jet upwards, do a wide backflip, and rejoin the fleet that had criss-crossed in front.’
    • ‘‘She's right,’ Mira said, throwing the ship into a barrel roll and then a snap twist.’
    • ‘I did a quick barrel roll, causing it to only scrape my side.’
    • ‘It looked like the pilot had attempted to do a barrel roll while crashing.’
    • ‘He suddenly made a barrel roll and held onto her tightly.’
    • ‘During the next 89 seconds, Ritchie threw his big, smoky jet into a classic, low-altitude dogfight with lightning-fast turns and even a barrel roll.’
    • ‘He got a childlike urge to fly in a barrel roll, but thought better of it.’
    • ‘He keyed the comport, while jerking the aging freighter into a barrel roll and zig-zag pattern.’
    • ‘Without really noticing, he saw Nathan and the others on the bridge grab their harnesses as Sean pulled away into a barrel roll, dodging cannonfire.’
    • ‘The steering handles jerked out of his grips, and he went into a sharp turn, then did a barrel roll, the laser whiskers flickering to life without any action on his part.’
    • ‘With a quick barrel roll he dipped beneath me and banked to circle the group.’
    • ‘Grinning, Sean, instead of letting go of the joysticks, gripped them harder and pulled a barrel roll.’
    • ‘Corks put the Falcon in a barrel roll to try and shake the target lock, but failed.’