Definition of barramundi in English:


nounPlural barramundis

  • Any of a number of large, chiefly freshwater fishes of Australia and SE Asia.

    a mouthbrooder (genus Scleropages, family Osteoglossidae), in particular S. leichardti.

    a fish that migrates between the sea and rivers and is valued as a food fish (Lates calcarifer, family Centropomidae).

    • ‘But you won't see a traditional U.S.-style bass boat stalking Australia's celebrated barramundi.’
    • ‘Barramundi caught in the wild and from saltwater farms have flooded the market, pushing down the price for freshwater barramundi by more than 20 per cent.’
    • ‘They recorded 40 types of fish, like rainbow fish, barramundi, and spangled perch.’
    • ‘My country is on the eastern side of Melville Island where people today hunt for magpie goose and go fishing for freshwater barramundi.’
    • ‘Among the warm water perch are Australia's barramundi and Nile perch of Egypt.’


Late 19th century: probably from an Aboriginal language of Queensland.