Definition of barouche in English:



  • A four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with a collapsible hood over the rear half, a seat in front for the driver, and seats facing each other for the passengers.

    • ‘The barouches, which were used by the Queen Mother, will travel north tomorrow for Royal Ascot, which this year is being held at York races.’
    • ‘Your cousin, it seems, has disappeared with the barouche, and I fear only God knows when - or even if - he'll return.’
    • ‘Brought up in the era of the barouche and accustomed to the train, Proust was amazed by the motorcar.’
    • ‘It began to rain, I had my carriage sent home so that I could accompany her in her barouche, and now, I've no means of returning to Cedar Grove.’
    • ‘So they can put you in a pony and trap, a barouche or, if you've a got a first class ticket, a sedan chair carried by a team of Iranian asylum seekers.’


Early 19th century: from German dialect Barutsche, from Italian baroccio, based on Latin birotus ‘two-wheeled’, from bi- ‘having two’ + rota ‘wheel’.