Definition of barotitis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Discomfort and inflammation in the ear caused by the changes of pressure occurring during air travel.

    • ‘Do's and Don'ts: To keep from getting barotitis media, don't travel by airplane or scuba dive when you have a head cold.’
    • ‘It sounds like barotitis, but is it usual for the effects of barotitis to occur two or more days after flying?’
    • ‘One study found that 22% of children had a finding of barotitis after a flight, and previous ear pain and nasal congestion were associated factors.’
    • ‘People with barotitis media generally develop symptoms immediately following the dive, but delays of up to one day or longer have been reported.’
    • ‘Another name for barotitis media that is more popular among divers is middle ear squeeze.’