Definition of barnstorming in English:



  • (of a performance or performer) flamboyantly energetic and successful.

    ‘his barnstorming oratory has been sorely missed’
    • ‘It wasn't quite the barnstorming performance of previous eras.’
    • ‘Even something as barnstorming, and as seemingly tied to the attendant distortion, as ‘Six Barrel Shotgun’ would work just as well as an acoustic stomper.’
    • ‘It is a beautiful and well thought out characterisation and more effective to me than the rather barnstorming performance of Michael Feast in the same role at Chichester.’
    • ‘In the Best Supporting Actor category, Chris Cooper deservedly picked up the gold statuette for his barnstorming performance in Adaptation.’
    • ‘The lithe spirit is somewhat changed for the Sixth Concerto which is a full blown four movement work containing much barnstorming and magnificence all around.’
    • ‘Peter Mandelson delivered an extraordinary, barnstorming speech that (I never thought I'd write this) eloquently expressed the views of the left - or the Israeli left, at least.’
    • ‘What did he make of Bobo Balde's barnstorming performance in Vigo?’
    • ‘Seven of the nine selections are Peterson compositions and rather than a barnstorming concert opener, Oscar chooses a quiet, reflective piece, Nighttime.’
    • ‘Brian Minto took on Vincent Maddalone in what we can classify as barnstorming affair.’
    • ‘US Ryder Cup captain Curtis Strange led the praise for Colin Montgomerie after the Scot's barnstorming performance in Europe's famous victory.’
    • ‘Porter featured again, with Kim Criswell barnstorming her way through I've Still Got My Health.’
    • ‘That the let's-put-on-a-show plot was age-old mattered not among lively performances, inventive comedy and barnstorming dance routines.’
    • ‘Following Andrew Bolt's barnstorming performance on ABC Victoria last Friday, I decided to test the Herald Sun ban once again by submitting the following letter for publication.’
    • ‘Those who are fans of great barnstorming piano works will most definitely warm to this disc which is expertly annotated and scintillatingly interpreted from first note to last.’
    • ‘Beckham clearly felt his barnstorming performance on Wednesday night was the right moment to quit on a high.’
    • ‘It's not as barnstorming as many interpretations but carefully charting all the work's expressive depths; both the A major Rondo and the lengthy A minor Allegro are done with equal sensitivity.’
    • ‘Mrs Catling, a married mother-of-two, was ‘fast-tracked’ into the Labour-held seat last year after a barnstorming performance in the last General Election, when she cut the majority by half.’
    • ‘After a multitude of barnstorming performances on the left side, Danny Tiatto was judged the best player in the Maine Road ranks last campaign.’
    • ‘Clapton has covered the Johnson songbook throughout his career, most famously in ‘Crossroads’, his barnstorming showstopper when he was in Cream more than 30 years ago.’
    • ‘The Chancellor's conference speeches are always barnstorming.’