Definition of barnacled in English:



  • See barnacle

    • ‘But the rock was barnacled, sea-plucked and sound.’
    • ‘Jockeying for position, directly ahead of the knobby, barnacled, good-natured whale, the porpoise catches a free ride.’
    • ‘Niarbyl Bay was so bleak and dreary a place - nothing but tide-swept barnacled rocks and a fast-food hut - that, had this destination not remained a mystery, no one would have boarded the bus.’
    • ‘As a ponderous Loggerhead turtle scrapes her way up the midnight sands of Queensland's Heron Island, seemingly bearing the weight of the world upon her barnacled back, I can see how the idea arose.’
    • ‘Surrounding us on all sides was an unbroken wall of pinnacles - huge cetacean humps barnacled with impossibly large cornices, seracs, and needlelike spires.’