Definition of barkcloth in English:



mass noun
  • Cloth made from the inner bark of the paper mulberry or similar tree.

    • ‘All the purses are handmade with vintage barkcloth straight out of the 40's and 50's.’
    • ‘The classic retro fabrics were printed on barkcloth.’
    • ‘Designs on siapo and tapa are a major art form for Wallisian and Futunan women, who use a template carved out and then applied to the beaten barkcloth.’
    • ‘While common barkcloth is terracotta in colour, barkcloth of kings and chiefs is dyed white or black and worn in a different style to underline their status.’
    • ‘The traditional art of barkcloth manufacturing has been all but lost in Samoan culture today.’
    • ‘Thus Kabaka junju annexed Buddu for its barkcloth production (for which there was large regional demand) and because it contained iron deposits Buganda needed for weapons and farming.’
    • ‘One wall displayed barkcloth, raffia clothing, a photo box of sixteen historical postcards, and texts that invited viewers to look closely and think carefully about the textiles and images.’
    • ‘Among the artifacts on view are the head of a massive stone figure, smaller stone and wood items, and objects made from feathers, reeds and barkcloth that provide a glimpse into the civilization's daily life and spiritual beliefs.’
    • ‘Barkcloth and paper look and feel similar, and writers from the earliest European explorers to present-day anthropologists have commented on that similarity.’
    • ‘The barkcloth does not need hems like woven material.’
    • ‘The Natal fig is the most common tree used for barkcloth-making in eastern Africa, as are trees of the Antiaris genus in west Africa and southeast Asia.’
    • ‘Barkcloth, in its original form was made from the bark of the Tapa tree in Hawaii.’
    • ‘Historical photographs and museum artefacts have been used to regenerate traditional barkcloth production on Erromango and mat-making on Ambae, amongst other projects.’