Definition of bark painting in English:

bark painting


mass noun
  • An Aboriginal art form that consists of pictures painted on bark.

    ‘he has almost singlehandedly revolutionised the style of bark painting’
    count noun ‘his collection of bark paintings was left behind in Paris’
    • ‘This is a cross-section of many things: photography, painting, bark painting, and video installation.’
    • ‘These traditions of bark painting survive in the Yolngu people who live in Northern Australia.’
    • ‘With bark painting there is a complex visual language.’
    • ‘Donald Friend's silk-screen motifs represented pearl divers in the Torres Strait, Margaret Preston used shapes from bark painting, William Constable sketched a corroboree, and a scarf by Roy Dalgarno evoked Arnhem Land.’
    • ‘There are works ranging in style from the bright abstract dot paintings representative of the Papunya community to bark painting depicting real and mythical animals.’
    • ‘Bark painting is a message of education, a message that Yolngu have been here before Europeans landed in Australia.’
    • ‘Alternations between movement and stasis condition the patterning of the Aboriginal art of the Centre and much of the bark painting of East Arnhem Land too.’
    • ‘She will speak on the aesthetics intrinsic to bark painting.’
    • ‘There will be bark painting classes, a weekly public lecture series, and on-site musical performances.’
    • ‘The judges were divided in the bark painting category between the winner and a couple of more carefully executed works.’