Definition of bargemaster in English:



  • The master or owner of a barge.

    • ‘Nowell Warner, the King's bargemaster, was at the forefront.’
    • ‘To navigate safely through the waterways of Europe you will need to know CEVNI - the Waterway Code - whose rules, signs and signals are understood by bargemasters of all nationalities.’
    • ‘Following the Jervoises’ ownership, the House was owned by the More family, Mr More being the local bargemaster and coal merchant to the King.’
    • ‘As shareholder his involvement in the numerous disputes with bargemasters, mill owners and navvies maintaining the canal was quite demanding.’
    • ‘The bargemaster hollered at his helper to tie them up with a rope as big around as my leg.’
    • ‘David & Charles, 1969 pp.291, b/w illustrations, ‘from the days of the early engineers, the flashlocks, and the bargemasters at war with the mill owners for right of passage, down to the present day.’’
    • ‘Co-owner Phil Dunham, a 45-year-old bargemaster from Runcorn, admitted it was sad to see the two docks close.’
    • ‘At 4: 30AM the Elsie I rolled over and capsized, taking the life of the bargemaster, Joseph Showalter.’
    • ‘The growing trade of the area served the bargemasters and wharfingers of Bourne End well, for both incoming raw materials and outgoing products were chiefly carried on the Thames barges.’
    • ‘Only management - the bargemaster, engineer, captain and pilot - doesn't fall in the bargemate category.’
    • ‘S.B. Repertor was the first iron barge built by Horlocks, the famous bargemasters of Mistley in Essex, in 1924.’
    • ‘Photo of Repertor ‘Repertor’ was the first steel barge built by Horlocks, the famous bargemasters of Mistley, on the River Stour in Essex, in 1924.’
    • ‘The son of a poor Lithuanian bargemaster, Zorach was taken to America when he was four, eventually settled in the ‘little Italy’ district of Cleveland.’