Definition of bargeman in English:



  • A person who works on a barge.

    • ‘When the two bargemen fish the dead woman from the water, Joe realises the corpse is his ex-girlfriend Cathie.’
    • ‘It's good to see an old canal brought back to life, but I wonder what those 19th century bargemen would make of the modern cappuccino lifestyle.’
    • ‘The Alabarch is very kind, but I must confess he is as rigid as a bargeman's pole.’
    • ‘The Rhine bargemen attacked the steamships that were stealing their trade, and Rhineland peasants surged into the forests to cut wood.’
    • ‘Set in 1950s Glasgow, Young Adam begins when two bargemen fish the body of a naked woman from the river, an event which precipitates an affair between the young deckhand and his boss's wife.’
    • ‘For Joe, the enigmatic bargeman played by Ewan McGregor in Young Adam, employment is a necessary evil, a burden on the back of his freedom.’
    • ‘He worked as a bell hanger and a bargeman on the Thames before a stint in the Royal Navy.’
    • ‘Planning permission has been drawn up to convert and extend the 200-year-old former bargeman's cottage into a L-shaped home.’
    • ‘They provided work for eighty-one bargemen, and presumably made a profit for their thirty registered owners.’
    • ‘Mrs Claydon left the town's primary school at 14 to work as a housemaid and later married her next door neighbour Alfred-John, who was a bargeman.’
    • ‘The film stars Ewan McGregor as Joe, a Scottish bargeman who lives and works on a boat with a family of three.’
    • ‘The man still holding on to the tail, and the dog paddling bravely, the craft was quickly brought alongside the oar, which the bargeman seized and took on board.’
    • ‘I learnt to revere the skill and knowledge of the coastal bargemen, like Jack Spitty the master of the Edith May in the 60s.’
    • ‘The bargeman took Lynette's sack, containing her holy book, her change of clothes, and her comb that she had smuggled in, and placed it onto the shore of the dock.’