Definition of bargainer in English:



  • See bargain

    • ‘This technique can be quite effective against soft bargainers: American negotiators look for quick results, and the Russians know this.’
    • ‘The shouts of the merchants, banter of bargainers, wail of Arab music, clouds of incense and whiffs of scented smoke from bubbling water pipes all helped to complete the atmosphere.’
    • ‘The result is a simultaneously entertaining and instructional story that should help even the most hard-bitten bargainers do a better job of getting the things they want.’
    • ‘Henry pressed with the alacrity of a bargainer at the negotiating table.’
    • ‘Abdullah is going to be a harder negotiator, a harder bargainer.’
    • ‘The phrase, White said, only meant ‘to be a sound bargainer, to be an effective bargainer - I wish I were a better bargainer.’’
    • ‘Part of the naive approach an elementary school pupil takes when confronted with this problem is the assumption that each of the two bargainers ought to get the same amount of money.’
    • ‘While all of this is supposed to make them better bargainers and bring transparency to the purchase process, it has, in fact added more confusion for some shoppers.’
    • ‘Those very characteristics also make them very tough bargainers.’
    • ‘Confronting ongoing challenges, they often become highly skilled bargainers and relationship developers.’
    • ‘House-Senate bargainers killed that language last week, leaving the aid a grant that Baghdad will not have to repay.’
    • ‘The image of the boatmen as aggressive bargainers corresponds to a wider imagery that figures in depictions of the Orient as mischievous and conniving.’
    • ‘A Pentagon official says of the department's purchasing agents: ‘They just were not very good bargainers,’ adding that the answer is better training to produce ‘smarter buyers.’’
    • ‘Dr. Stucki, the head of the Swiss delegation, was a hard bargainer whose attitude contrasted sharply with the more conciliatory posture adopted by the Swiss Foreign Office in Bern.’
    • ‘In the Likud, it's much more heterogeneous in that you've got hard-liners and hard bargainers.’
    • ‘They appear to be good bargainers about inputs.’
    • ‘Feeling he was an unbeatable bargainer, he left smiling, until he found out that a friend got the same item for 20 yuan just across the street.’
    • ‘A White House emissary is quoted in the documents saying, ‘Israel proved a tougher bargainer than even the Soviet Union.’’
    • ‘Congressional bargainers also approved a compromise $123 billion measure for health, education and labour programmes.’
    • ‘She soon attracts the eye and organ of Jack Guard, ex-convict, sealer, whaler and hard bargainer, dour, decent, driven man.’