Definition of bargain bin in English:

bargain bin


  • A receptacle in a shop that holds goods offered for sale at a cheap or discounted price.

    ‘the video shop's bargain bins are overflowing with tapes of animated musicals’
    • ‘Whiskeytown's Stranger's Almanac, an album I picked up in a New York bargain bin for 5 bucks, was my introduction.’
    • ‘I pulled my copy out of a bargain bin for a quid.’
    • ‘There's just enough catchy pop fun to be had to save the album from the end-of-summer bargain bins.’
    • ‘Sadly, like their previous albums, you are more likely to encounter it in the bargain bin than the charts.’
    • ‘Most of them usually go straight into the bargain bin and are typically overlooked by the hardcore gamer.’
    • ‘It may be worth picking up from a bargain bin, should you be so fortunate.’
    • ‘Wait until it hits the bargain bins, as it assuredly will.’
    • ‘As a young sprat, I was prone to rummaging through the bargain bins of various local record shops.’
    • ‘Seek this out in bargain bins rather than premium-priced new release racks.’
    • ‘If you spot this in a bargain bin, you could do a lot worse than picking it up, especially if you're an avid Kirby lover.’