Definition of barège in English:



mass noun
  • A light, silky dress fabric resembling gauze, typically made from wool.

    • ‘Full mourning means wearing a dress of very dull black material such as paramatta, bombazine, barege or grenadine, with deep gathers of black crape covering at least the lower third of the skirt.’
    • ‘She did her hair according to the directions of the hairdresser, and put on the barege dress spread out upon the bed.’
    • ‘Figure 1 is in violet barege, of which the stripes are a shade darker than the material.’
    • ‘She ought to have worn a white dress as the others did but Grandmother said her new pink barege would do.’
    • ‘A drapery scarf is sometimes added to this dress, of white barege, with the ends in stripes of gold across, and finished by a splendid and gossamer-like fringe of white silk.’


French, named after the village of Barèges in SW France, where it was originally made.