Definition of barefoot runner in English:

barefoot runner


  • A person who engages in the sport or activity of barefoot running.

    ‘it takes time for new barefoot runners to build up the muscles’
    • ‘He has tried every fad, and is now a committed rural barefoot runner.’
    • ‘She's become a regular barefoot runner since the day she abandoned her shoes on the trail.’
    • ‘There is a growing fad of barefoot runners.’
    • ‘A barefoot runner is at a disadvantage on uneven terrain.’
    • ‘He is an avid barefoot runner and loves cooking with fresh vegetables he grows in his own garden.’
    • ‘Only the most hardy of barefoot runners would venture out into the deep forests and run with abandon.’
    • ‘The foot of a barefoot runner lands with a springy step on the middle, or on the ball, of the foot.’
    • ‘Unlike current shoe-wearing athletes, our ancestors were barefoot runners and so are other modern human populations.’
    • ‘The most common injury I see in a barefoot runner is a stress fracture or a tendon problem.’
    • ‘In new research, it has been found that when runners who always wear shoes run barefoot they immediately alter their gait to that characteristic of habitual barefoot runners.’