Definition of bare one's fangs in English:

bare one's fangs


  • (of an animal) bare its teeth aggressively.

    ‘the snake reared up before her, baring its fangs’
    • ‘The creature opened his mouth, bared its fangs.’
    • ‘The tiger snarls menacingly, baring its fangs, its breath heavy in the wintry air.’
    • ‘The werewolf bared its fangs in a mirthless grin and made a low growling sound that sounded chillingly like laughter.’
    • ‘The other creature wheeled, bared its fangs.’
    • ‘She hissed at me baring her fangs in a sign of a threat.’
    • ‘She bared her fangs, a small growl emitting from her throat.’
    • ‘The vampire curled its top lip back and bared its fangs.’
    • ‘Again, Coco bared his fangs and lurched to attack.’
    • ‘The fox demon flattened his ears and bared his fangs in a deep snarl.’
    • ‘He snapped, baring his fangs at me.’