Definition of bare-bones in English:



  • Reduced to or comprising only the basic or essential elements of something.

    ‘a bare-bones version of the story’
    • ‘A bare-bones compromise would delay the insurance battle until after 2004.’
    • ‘With this bare-bones band, the event was more of a chamber concert than a rock show.’
    • ‘People freshly off the welfare rolls sometimes overwhelm bare-bones human-resources departments.’
    • ‘A $299 bare-bones unit leaves out many peripherals, including the remote, a wireless controller, and a hard drive.’
    • ‘There are no bonus features or alternate language tracks to clutter up this bare-bones disc.’
    • ‘But we were going for a bare-bones feel closer to our live sound.’
    • ‘If your company sells on the Web or even has a bare-bones Web presence, you should consider trademarking your corporate names and symbols in other countries.’
    • ‘These bare-bones songs require just a whisper to transform themselves into full-blooded spirituals.’
    • ‘Call them artificial purgatories, but Welch's bare-bones constructions are at least as moving as any of Wilson's elaborate mini-symphonies.’
    • ‘Rawlings and Welch's bare-bones accompaniment proves a handsome fit, crafting an album that thoughtfully contemplates such time-tested subjects as love, war and the desire for escape.’
    • ‘Most take a bare-bones approach and some of the sites actually suffer from a dearth of graphics.’
    • ‘The previous edition of the film was a non-anamorphic bare-bones disc.’
    • ‘When you think benefits, think bare-bones basics like a retirement plan, as well as health, dental, disability, and life insurance.’
    • ‘Producing and broadcasting a half-hour event averages about $13,000 - and that's for a bare-bones project.’
    • ‘He makes bare-bones music that constantly nods to musical periods long since passed, perhaps the earliest being the 1920s of Blind Lemon Jefferson.’
    • ‘The School Department's budget is not even close to bare-bones.’
    • ‘Instead, users get a bare-bones listing and must click to access more information.’
    • ‘The bare-bones Blu-ray release gives me no reason to recommend an upgrade.’
    • ‘An even more bare-bones portfolio would consist of one index fund per asset class.’
    shortened, cut, cut short, cut down, concise, condensed, contracted, compressed, abbreviated, reduced, decreased, diminished, shrunk, curtailed, truncated, lessened, trimmed, cropped, clipped, pruned, pared down, stripped down, skeleton
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