Definition of bardie in English:


(also bardee, bardy)


  • The edible larva or pupa of certain insects.

    a moth that develops underground on roots (family Hepialidae, especially Trictena argentata).

    a longhorn beetle that bores within stems (Bardistus cibarius, family Cerambycidae).

    • ‘They also enjoy beetle grubs known as bardees and green tree ants mashed into a paste with water and used as a drink.’
    • ‘The best way to find bardies is to find a local who knows what he is talking about.’
    • ‘It has a sort of Australian twang to it and is in common with several other similar phrases, all with the same meaning: starve the bardies [bardies are grubs], stiffen the crows, spare the crow.’


Mid 19th century: from Nyungar (and other Aboriginal languages) bardi.