Definition of Barcoo sickness in English:

Barcoo sickness


mass nounAustralian
  • Illness marked by attacks of vomiting.

    ‘he hasn't been long enough in the outback to have contracted the Barcoo sickness’
    • ‘It was not a household fly, but the small, sticky sort that bushmen blame for Barcoo Rot and Barcoo Sickness.’
    • ‘There is a complaint, from which those long resident in the distant bush frequently suffer severely, the Barcoo Sickness.’
    • ‘Barcoo sickness of Australia may be related to malaria.’
    • ‘I've never known Charlie to have trouble with his kidneys. We all think it was Barcoo sickness.’
    • ‘A common illness among shearers was "Barcoo sickness".’