Definition of barbecue stopper in English:

barbecue stopper


  • A topic of conversation that is very interesting or controversial.

    ‘sibling rivalry is the new barbecue stopper—at least in my circles’
    • ‘While the political debate about John Howard's much-vaunted barbecue-stopper promises to be a mainstream issue in the coming federal election, the battlelines of the gender wars are already being drawn among boys and girls too young to vote.’
    • ‘Our leaders talk about the so-called "barbecue stopper" issues - real estate, interest rates, superannuation, balancing work and family - with little or no concern that young voters are either not particularly interested or aren't even at the barbecue to begin with.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to the barbecue stopper of a new tax and family payment system?’
    • ‘It's a publisher's dream - a book that begins with a barbecue and ends up a barbecue-stopper.’
    • ‘In discussions of work and family the issue of equality of parenting should be no barbecue stopper.’
    • ‘As a political distraction it proved an almighty barbecue stopper.’
    • ‘It was the Prime Minister four years ago who said the work-life balance issue was a barbecue stopper for Australians.’
    • ‘The situation has now moved from being a barbecue stopper to a hot election issue with anger at deteriorating purchasing power and quality of family life nearing boiling point in many households.’
    • ‘The media might be making a big fuss over this but right across the mainland people are saying this ain't no barbecue stopper.’