Definition of bar none in English:

bar none


  • With no exceptions.

    ‘the greatest living American poet bar none’
    • ‘These small rainswept isles off the western end of the vast Eurasian landmass have contributed far more to the well-being of the rest of humanity than any other country, bar none.’
    • ‘We've got the worst streets in Canada, bar none.’
    • ‘It appeared in this paper the following week and I think now, as I thought then, that it was one of the finest photographs of the year, bar none.’
    • ‘He said it was the best album he's ever heard in his life bar none.’
    • ‘At the moment he's the team's most consistent performer, bar none.’
    • ‘He was the greatest player I ever played with, in any position, bar none.’
    • ‘As of right now, this is the album of the year, bar none.’
    • ‘In Scotland we have the best golf destinations in the world bar none and all supported by excellent infrastructure and service, something Ireland cannot always offer.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We know we are fighting against a multi-billion pound industry, the biggest industry in the world bar none, but we have to keep believing.’’
    • ‘As far as Jim was concerned, he was the greatest player in the world, bar none.’