Definition of banquette in English:



  • 1An upholstered bench along a wall, especially in a restaurant or bar.

    • ‘Having designed many elements in the hotel, from the bedside lamps to the banquette sofas, he has now set his sights on a much bigger challenge.’
    • ‘You can go for American diner-style booths, built-in benches, banquettes or stools.’
    • ‘Take one of the large banquettes along the walls and eye up the girls on the dance floor, or gaze from the balcony on boys below doing their breaks.’
    • ‘Tall doors open out onto the sidewalk, and diners sit in curvy plastic Knoll chairs or on banquettes upholstered with the same stretchy, Prada-red mesh you find in upmarket running shoes.’
    • ‘Of course, cushy red velvet window-seat banquettes and embroidered footstools don't come cheap.’
    • ‘The warm and stylish interior includes bar stools, bistro style tables and maroon leather banquettes to sit at.’
    • ‘Lounge on inviting velvet banquettes, leather easy chairs or oversized ottomans and sip their divine cocktails.’
    • ‘From the red velvet drapes and smooth polished wood floors to the gorgeous blue banquettes and art-covered walls, we think you're rather going to like Baykus.’
    • ‘Mary's Fish Camp is poky in the way the Pearl is, with plain navy-and-gray walls, plywood banquettes, and a curved eating bar covered in tin.’
    • ‘‘I like this place already,’ said one grizzled old TriBeCa resident as he settled into the restaurant's long faux-leather banquette.’
    • ‘Instead Currid's has attractively upholstered banquette seating and padded stools.’
    • ‘Small recessed ceiling fixtures provide additional illumination around the dining room, along with valance lighting over the wall banquettes.’
    • ‘The dining room, which I am already sizing up beadily, has green upholstered banquettes and a patterned carpet.’
    • ‘There's white leather everywhere: the chairs, the banquettes, and - in a very questionable move - even the tables.’
    • ‘Guests, high-rollers and girls with millionaire uncles take seats on the wall banquettes and gaze up at the striking Maxfield Parrish mural of Old King Cole that looms over the scene.’
    • ‘I really, really loved the food at a local curry restaurant with headache-inducing red banquettes and zebra-striped decor.’
    • ‘Consider incorporating a storage facility within your kitchen seating - banquettes, for example, can lift up to reveal a cavernous space underneath; hinge small sections for ease of access.’
    • ‘A New Orleans-esque red glow suffused the place and a long banquette lined the back wall.’
    • ‘You pass through plush red velvet drapes into a lavish room of gorgeous banquettes, bookcases and bare concrete walls.’
    • ‘The stylish interior has the feel of a private club: a warm, orange-lit interior with a crackling fireplace, comfy armchairs and banquettes perfect for sipping brandies on and smoking cigars.’
  • 2A raised step behind a rampart.


Early 17th century (in banquette (sense 2)): from French, from Italian banchetta, diminutive of banca ‘bench’ (see bank). banquette (sense 1) dates from the mid 19th century.